As a form of sharing happiness in the holy month of Ramadhan 1440 H, the entire Board of Directors and staff of PT Solusindo Jitu held a joint opening with the Bantul Gong Royong Orphanage in Yogyakarta.

The event began at 16.00 WIB with a welcoming tambourine from the orphans’ younger siblings and then continued with remarks from PT Solusindo Jitu CEO Andika Wahyu Wijayanto S.T.

“Activities like this insha Allah we will continue to strive where in this blessed month we must be competing in giving goodness one of which sympathizes orphans” he said.

“We all wish that in the upcoming Ramadan we will still be given the opportunity to share with our brothers and sisters here,” he concluded.

In addition to providing compensation by PT Solusindo Jitu, several Board of Directors also provided several needs for schools, toys and various other needs.

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