Coinciding with the Launching of the Hinggil Mansion which was held on November 23, 2019 at Galeria Mall, PT Solusindo Jitu also invited the orphanage brothers namely Mustika Tama, Mutual Cooperation, Miftahunnajah, and Bina Insan Mandiri.

The symbolic award was given by the top management of PT Solusindo Jitu, from Mr. Katmiko and Mrs. Endang as Commissioners and Andika Wahyu Wijayanto as CEO of PT Solusindo Jitu.

In addition to providing raw material compensation for each orphanage, they also get toy vouchers that have been provided to be used that day at Galeria Mall.

Hopefully by sharing happiness with the orphanage children at the Hinggil Mansion launching event it can give blessings to everyone with.

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