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There are many roads to Rome, so there are many ways and ways to have a large income. You can open a successful business, become an investor, become a director in a company or agency, become an official, become a researcher, become an athlete, until you become an artist. It’s just that you need to know some of the conditions that must be met in order to cultivate the profession can provide welfare for you. In order to become rich from the professions just mentioned, you must have a lot of money, long work, large mass support, long lectures, strong body, to a beautiful and beautiful face and voice. Don’t have all this? don’t choose this way, take another way.

Being a property agent does not need that many and severe conditions to be successful. But you can still have the same opportunity to make a lot of money. It has been proven that many of them who run the profession as property agents make themselves into hundreds of millions to billions in an instant.

There are many advantages to being a property agent.

  1. Minimal Capital
  2. Do not need stock and give credit to other parties
  3. Revenue is easy to increase & the value is unlimited
  4. No compulsory education
  5. Success can be achieved faster
  6. Flexible time
  7. Income according to skill possessed
  8. Not limited to age and physical
  9. Opportunity to recognize large entities
  10. Opportunity to help many people

PT Solusindo Jitu is a developer company that has made almost 9 years of nearly 20 projects that have been sold out in Yogyakarta. For that, join as a Property Agent in our many advantages, including:

  1. Roads to get out of the country in either ASIA or EUROPE
  2. Get the Precious Metals immediately
  3. Big commission compared to other developers.
  4. The products sold are very varied with unique concepts and very clear legalities.
  5. Collaboration with all banks in Indonesia.
  6. Housing projects in Yogyakarta which are in the top 6 of Google Trends 2020
  7. Easy process
  8. The complete marketing tools are provided by PT Solusindo Jitu’s team
    Assistance from us 24 hours.

Here are our loyal partners in providing comfortable housing for our customers, if you are interested in becoming a partner, you can contact us via WhatsApp

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