Indonesia Birthday Promo in Solusindojitu

Gebyar Kemerdekaan, SOLJI disc is more than 74 MILLION. Bangunjiwo, Yogyakarta: The celebration of the Republic of Indonesia Anniversary which falls on August 17, 2019 was not only enlivened before that date but was carried out before and after August 17, because the historic momentum of this country was celebrated by all Indonesian people both insideRead More

Press Release Pra Launching

A new breakthrough in 2019 has been carried out by PT Solusindo Jitu, by holding a Prelaunching Hinggil Mansion. The gathering, which invited several agencies from the Media, Banking and Property Agent, received a standing ovation from all walks of life. Evidenced by the arrival of all invited guests and the merry event. PT Solusindo JituRead More

Hinggil Mansion Launching Moment

Standing more than 9 years and already working on 19 projects in the strategic area of ​​Yogyakarta, on 23 November 2019 PT Solusindo Jitu officially launched the new project Hinggil Mansion in Atrium Galeria Mall. With the concept of home resorts in an area of ​​approximately 1.5 ha with a total of 68 units of AyanaRead More