Independence Day, SOLJI disc is more than 74 MILLION.

Bangunjiwo, Yogyakarta: The celebration of the Republic of Indonesia Anniversary which falls on August 17, 2019 was not only enlivened before that date but was carried out before and after August 17, because the historic momentum of this country was celebrated by all Indonesian people both inside and outside of Indonesia country.

The 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia is full of togetherness values. To fill this independence several activities were carried out by the Indonesian people with various competitions.

To enliven the PT Solusindo Jitu together with all Directors and Staff employees also held various competitions both individual and group competitions in order to increase togetherness between employees. Various kinds of competitions such as eating crackers, carrying marbles with spoons and group competitions by filling water in buckets and filling water in pipes, this is a competition to increase togetherness between teams and division.

Togetherness is the main message in organizing this event, along with the theme raised at the 74th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. This togetherness approach becomes the essence as well as an invitation to all Indonesian people, especially in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas to embrace and promote the principle of togetherness, although there are differences.

The event was held in front of the yard of PT Solusindo Jitu’s headquarters in Bangunjiwo, Bantul Yogyakarta, Monday, August 19, 2019. The CEO of PT Solusindo Jitu, Andika Wijayanto revealed that “the celebration of this competition is not only to enliven the independence of our beloved country, but also increase our solidarity for can work together in realizing the company’s vision and mission “.

After the competition is finished, all staff of PT Solusindo Jitu employees who have lunch provided by placing the value of Java, which is “buffet” sitting together, this food with banana leaves stretches from end to end and without distinction, indicating that even though we different but one goal.

Ayuningtyas as the person in charge of the series of events and at the same time GM HRD and Finance said, the enthusiasm of the contestants was very high. “We held this event as an effort to give more serious attention to all staff employees and provide a forum so that they too can get to know each other”.

Before the competition was held, the participants consisting of around 30 staff were invited to sing the national anthem of the Republic of Indonesia together.

“We have been 8 years as a developer who built 19 projects in Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta, and we hope that in the years to come we will continue to be maximized for a more advanced Indonesia,” remarks from Andika Wijayanto.

“I hope this kind of activity will continue to be held to strengthen and get to know one another in order to achieve the company’s goals, because in the next month we will have a bigger event for Launching Hinggil Mansion (approximately 80 units) which plans to launch in September 2019 “Added from Andika Wijayanto. And at the beginning of 2020, if this project runs smoothly, all staff of PT Solusindo Jitu employees will be given a holiday gift abroad as a form of the company’s love for the loyalty of PT Solusindo Jitu employees, ”added Andika Wijayanto.

We continue to strive to be able to collaborate with various banking agencies and individual and corporate agents, if there is anyone who wants to collaborate with us as a developer, we are happy to open the door of that collaboration, Andika Wijayanto closed in between his remarks.

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