In the month of Ramadhan 1440 H, as a form of gratitude for being given fluency as the company’s front post, the Sales Marketing division of PT Solusindo Jitu opened together with the Bina Siwi Orphans. Together with GM Sales Marketing & IT, Mr. Arief Bagus Rachmanto S.T invites all colleagues to be able to share with the brothers of the orphanage.

Although the company also has a special agenda to break the fast with one of the orphanages, but our division also does not want to lose in competing to spread goodness, “he said.

This activity is always there in the month of Ramadan, and this year coincides at the Bina Siwi Orphanage. The company has a program that every employee is obliged to distribute compensation to the orphanage, and when we agreed that today we will get together with the sales marketing team to be able to share with these amazingly younger siblings, “he added while giving a speech.

Arriving there we were greeted with the full strains of traditional music with melodious voices of younger siblings who were already very proficient, even though physically they did not look perfect.

This sharing event is not just a friendship and ama activities, but the prayers given by the orphans become something that is very meaningful for our company in the hope of becoming a company that continues to progress and develop, become more solid, and become a company with a scale that big.

We all hope that in the coming years we will be given the opportunity to share with other orphanages in Yogyakarta, concluded Mr. Arief Bagus Rachmanto.

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