In order to improve the best services with prospective customers or customers of BNI Syariah, Solusindo Jitu continues to open and establish cooperation with the Banking, one of which is with BNI Syariah Yogyakarta.

Over time the collaboration is not only in the form of financing for mortgages, but collaborating in various ways, one of which is to collaborate in providing the best promos for BNI Syariah customers for ownership of home investment, especially in Yogyakarta with Solusindo Jitu.

The best promos and prices given by each bank differ greatly, according to the current program by the banks themselves. On this occasion BNI Syariah Yogyakarta was represented by Mr. Edi as Branch Manager along with the sales marketing team in touch with Solusindo Jitu, represented by top management there were Mr. Katmiko as Commissioner, Mr. Andika as CEO, Mr. Dimas as Director and Mr. Arief GM Sales Marketing Solusindo Jitu.

“Our hope is that this gathering will provide collaboration programs for BNI Syariah customers and prospective customers with the best promos offered by BNI Syariah and Solusindo Jitu,” said Mr. Andika, CEO of Solusindo Jitu.

And certainly the prospective customers of Solusindo Jitu are already smart in choosing property developers, because we have a lot of cooperation with various banks, one of which is BNI Syariah. So there is no doubt related to our legality, because we (Solusindo Jitu with BNI Syariah) have for several years established cooperation, “concluded Mr. Andika.

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