Standing more than 10 years and already working on 19 projects in the strategic area of ​​Yogyakarta, on 23 November 2019 PT Solusindo Jitu officially launched the new project Hinggil Mansion in
Atrium Galeria Mall.

With the concept of home resorts in an area of ​​approximately 1.5 ha with a total of 68 units of Ayana and Azhara types.

Hinggil Mansion is one of the areas with very high investment value, located not far from several DIY landmarks such as Kasongan handicraft tourism center, batik & wood batik tourism village in Pajangan and Krebet, historical tourism area (Selarong Cave, Soeharto Museum), and nature tourism (Parangtritis Beach, Depok Beach, Pine Cave).
Hinggil Mansion is also near educational center areas such as Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University (UMY), Mercua Buana University, UIN plan, Alma Atta University, Ahmad Dahlan University.

It is also close to public transportation facilities, such as YIA Airport, Adisucipto Airport, Tugu Station, Transjogja Bus Stop. All of the above prove that Hinggil Mansion is a Premium Residential in Yogyakarta.

The launching of the Hinggil Mansion was enlivened by a coloring contest at the well-known kindergarten and elementary school level in Yogyakarta, not long after the launching of the Hinggil Mansion was opened by top management namely Mr. Katmiko and Mrs. Endang as Commissioners and Mr. Andika Wahyu Wijayanto S.T as CEO of PT Solusindo Jitu.

“We are grateful to all participants and invited guests who have attended this Hinggil Mansion launching, both from Banking, Notaries, Property Agents, and media partners,” Andika said in an interview session.

He added that several banks that had supported the event were Bank Mandiri, Bank Syariah Mandiri, BNI Syariah, BNI, BTN, BTN Syariah, BPD DIY, BRI Syariah.

“We really appreciate all the banks that have supported us,” he added.

“This promo that we offer consumers is extraordinary, only with a Booking Fee of 5 Million, we have received a Private Pool, Pendopo, Logam Mulia, Asia / Europe Tour and there is a cashback of up to tens of millions,” added Andika.

Refundable until the end of December

“Our payment scheme makes it very easy for consumers, even the Booking Fee of 5 million is refundable until the end of December 2019, and the payment for DP (for the KPR) can be paid in installments of 12X or Cash Staged up to 24For that for investors or potential customers who want this valuable investment You can directly contact our consultants & sales at (0274) 8000 009 or through the website www.solusindojitu.com

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